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about DOMO

DOMO (German Organization for Mosaic Art) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the following tasks:

  • promotion and propagation of mosaic art
  • carrying out seminars, classes and workshops
  • organization of exhibitions of the works of its members
  • edition and distribution of publications about mosaic art
  • information and assistance for artistic and technical questions
  • setup and operation of communication system between the members
  • support for mosaic projects executed by DOMO members
  • cultivation of contacts to foreign mosaic artists as well as to sister organisations abroad

With the founding of DOMO in March 2008, Germany has accomplished what other countries already did before, i. e. forming an organization of mosaic artists. This significant step will enable the DOMO members to increase the awareness of mosaic art into the public eye. The number of members has increased to over 160 by winter 2015. During the first year of rapid growth it has become obvious that people who join DOMO have different approaches to mosaics and mosaic art. DOMO offers space to artisans as well as artists - for some of the latter mosaic art may be just one form of their artistic expression. Among the members there are also commercial distributors of mosaic materials, organizers of mosaic workshops and finally even enthusiasts, who do not produce any art themthelves. By intentionally covering the full width from craft to art DOMO creates a particularly fertile environment for new ideas. DOMO offers a platform to everybody interested in mosaic art for the exchange of craftman's know-how and artistic ideas.


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